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Respect For IP

The cornerstone of our philosophy on intellectual property rights (IPR) is built on upholding the IP generated by the company and all its associates.

  • We have a 20+ years strong track record
  • Pioneers for TRIPS compliance (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Global IP protection strategy
  • Pharma Solutions in advanced stages of being certified as an ISO 27001 organization – specific to information security
  • Conscious strategy of staying away from Para IV and early-to-market filings
  • Work on Product or Molecule exclusivity model – no conflict of interests
  • In order to achieve this objective, we have set up various systems which ensure that we:
    • Respect the IPR of all its clients, partners and competitors
    • Do not infringe any process or product
    • Protect and enforce the IPR of the Company, our clients and partners
    • Introduce measures to reduce IPR infringement related risks
    • Promote a culture of IPR compliance within the organization
    • Conduct periodic Intellectual Property Audits for effective IPR management and monitoring

Program Management

Our site wise dedicated program management team has a 360˚ view of the project and is responsible for end to end project planning and executions. A program manager is “go-to” person for projects related issues at all times for the customers and internal teams. Program managers possess both technical and commercial inclinations – talent pool of Chemists / Pharmacists / Project Management Professionals.


All our manufacturing sites have been approved by leading global regulatory agencies. All major sites have been approved by the US-FDA without any 483s

Our aspiration is to be the best in class in global standards. Our process has evolved through the stages of:

  • Create robust quality base
  • Strengthen and implement system
  • Quality culture across the organization
  • Execute best in class standards

Customer Centricity

Getting Into the Hearts and Minds of Your Customers!!

Customer Centricity is the evolution from being “Product centric” to “Customer centric”. Thus it is a function that focuses on the customer and what it takes to move beyond the reactive and into the proactive mode of operation – looking at ways to improve processes, communications, and project management. Thus we are not only able to better understand and predict customer needs, but are also able to implement and leverage solutions that allow for automated and prompt insights about entire customer segments.

Environment Health & Safety

We function as an environmental-friendly organization and our practices have enabled us to

  • Pursue continuous improvement: Periodic audits and gap analysis are conducted by Corporate EHS and cross functional teams
  • Implementing EHS best practices through: ISO: 14001 and OHSAS: 18001
  • Aim towards the goal of Sustainable Development by targeting the triple bottom line growth in the fields of Economics, Environment and Society
  • Ensuring continuity of the business processes through Business Continuity Plans
  • Execute Process safety by implementing safety systems at all sites greener and healthier work place
  • Enhance awareness, knowledge and skills of employees towards a safe, clean, greener and healthier work place
  • To know more, read our Environment Health & Safety Policy and Sustainable Development Policy
  • Know more about our CORE Sustainability Initiatives

Win Awards and Recognition

  • Safety Award from National Safety Council of India, 2004 and 2005
  • Runners-up at the ‘NE Business Awards Corporate Responsibility & Environment, 2009
  • CII-National Award for Energy Efficient Operations, 2009
  • Winner of State’s ‘Environment Award’, 2010
  • Golden Peacock Award for Occupational Health & Safety, 2012
  • Frost and Sullivan’s Green Manufacturing Excellence award, 2012

Global Network

Our customers enjoy the benefits of our global network of assets spread across Europe, North America and Asia. Our network enables us to deliver benefits by strategically placing projects to take advantage of low costs, local supply chains and specific customer/ market requirements.

Integrated Solutions

With capabilities across drug discovery, development, scale-up and manufacturing of APIs as well as Formulations, we are well positioned to address customers’ needs across the entire drug lifecycle. Our specialization in Antibody Drug Conjugation, Clinical Trial Supplies, Packaging and Biocatalysis enables us to provide differentiated services to our customers.

Green Chemistry

At Piramal, we stand by our corporate values of Knowledge, Action and Care and provide the highest standards of Contract Manufacturing services while being aware of our environmental responsibilities. We have decided upon a very deliberate corporate culture of applying the principles of Green Chemistry across our R&D and manufacturing processes to achieve higher sustainability. The Process Research and Optimization activities conducted by our R&D team help us to develop new practices and technologies that increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Every year, we review our manufacturing portfolio to identify syntheses with Process Mass Intensity (PMI) > 50 and carry out process optimization. Many of these processes have so far seen a reduction in PMI of over 50%. Additionally, our capability in biocatalysis helps to improve internal processes and provides fast-track development of novel and low cost routes to drugs and intermediates”