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Analytical Support Services


Working 24/7 to validate your chemistry

When you send PDS your chemistry work, you want to be assured that the allocated chemist(s) are fully focussed on the delivery of your chemistry. PDS achieves this through our “High Speed Delivery” process, a core element of which is our analytical support:

Synthetic chemists at PDS are supported by a specialist & fully dedicated analytical team which operates 24/7. PDS has dedicated analytical suites containing advanced analytical equipment and a team of 50 analytical scientists (1 analytical scientist for every 6 chemists). The analytical team works closely with your chemists and takes charge of time-consuming tasks (e.g. method development, preparative purification), allowing the chemists to target the trouble-shooting time and efficiency, on delivery of your chemistry.

Key Analytical Support services offered:

  • Chiral purification-gram scale by Super Critical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)
  • Prep HPLC Purification services
  • Impurity isolation and characterization
  • NMR analysis e.g. 1H NMR, 13C NMR, 2D experiments, 15N NMR, 31P NMR, 19F NMR
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis by HPLC
  • LCMS analysis by using single quadruple Mass detector.

The performance of our Analytical suites is monitored weekly and is benchmarked against standards of leading organizations in our industry. We also have the capability to quickly add capacity if the project demands. In addition, we maintain service agreements with suppliers both in the UK and India for timely delivery and maintenance of each piece of equipment.

Key Analytical Equipments:

  • Multi-probe NMR (x2)
  • LCMS (x9)
  • HPLC (x7)
  • Preparative HPLC (x11)
  • Preparatory SFC 200 for isolation/purification and SFC investigator for Chiral method development

Additionally, detectors, GCs, microwaves and other scientific equipment are available to your project team to enable high throughput purification and analysis.