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Pharmaceutical Packaging & Supply

Pharmaceutical Packaging

We offer specialized services in the area of Clinical Trial Supply management using our global network of assets, our experience and expertise in streamlining the clinical trial packaging and supply process, thus ensuring that the study drug is available where you need it and when you need it. Our advanced software, ‘Trak Pack®’, tracks the movement of the batch supplies across the supply chain.

Clinical Batch Packaging

  • Clinical Batch Packaging
  • Solid dose bottling and multi dose blistering capabilities
  • Hot and cold seal walleting and blister carding capabilities
  • Labelling
    • Artwork design
    • Translation services
    • Randomisation
    • Label printing
    • Patient kit assembly

TrakPack®Manufacturing & Distribution Tracking System   TrakPack® is a proprietary, real-time, protocol tracking system used, from project initiation through to the patient kit arrival at the clinical site. TrakPack® has the following benefits

  • Is a secure web-based GMP validated application
  • Integrates with IVRS
  • Tracks the assembly, storage and distribution to the individual kit level
  • Utilizes barcode verification for key stages of manufacturing and logistics
  • Has a configurable customer interface forreal-time tracking
  • Fully 21CFR part 11 compliant

Support Services

  • QP services
    • Certification of individual batches following authorization by EU member state for clinical trial to proceed
    • QP release certificates for batch releases and re-issuance if further countries are added in the clinical trial
    • Auditing documentary evidence to support QP declaration
  • Returns and Destruction
    • Management of post study drug returns, reconciliation and destruction


  • Morpeth, UK