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Drug Discovery Process
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Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery
Piramal Discovery Solutions (PDS) offers a comprehensive range of Contract Research Services from our state-of-the-art research centre in India to support drug discovery activities. We started building our expertise supporting start-ups and virtual biotech companies but have subsequently expanded our offering to serve Pharma, Biotech, and Academia, over the last 10 years. Our world class chemistry laboratories located in Ahmedabad, India, has 300+ scientists. At Piramal Discovery Solutions, we understand the entrepreneurial and emerging biotech culture which empowers us to deliver creative and flexible solutions in a timely manner to our customers.

Our discovery services are forward integrated with our API and Formulation services, thus allowing us to serve our customers across the drug value chain.

Drug Discovery Services

  • Discovery Chemistry
  • in-vitro ADME Service
  • Analytical Support Services


  • Ahmedabad, India

Beyond Discovery

Drug Discovery Process

Our delivery model has a proven track record of providing a step change in the effectiveness of drug discovery for a range of global pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies operating at the forefront of drug discovery. We understand that early and intensive evaluation of the molecules based on thorough communications and rapid decision-making will lead to a high throughput of successful drug-like compounds.

The model has been designed for speed and revolves around effective project management, processes/equipment and people. The effectiveness of the operations in India is boosted by the UK project office (Cambridge) which provides logistical, communications and objective project management support.

Project Management

At PDS, we emphasize on effective project management and communication to ensure fruitful interactions and positive outcome for the project. Over the years, the team has developed simple yet clear templates which enable systematic day-to-day and weekly reporting and measurement of scientific progress in the most effective manner.

PDS has developed a comprehensive system of various “dashboard metrics” which monitors a range of project performance parameters such as number of reactions, successful reactions, purifications, number of steps, final compounds, average time per reaction or step, number of deadline changes per compound and even the timeliness of the status reporting and despatch. Overall, measurement of these parameters helps us to analyse and optimize our performance through a continuous cycle of improvement.

Full Service Lab Units

Each lab unit is spacious with 12 fume-hoods and an accompanying write-up area along with an integrated engineering and central services support. The modularity of this design enables us to customise client-experience.

Drug Discovery And Development Services


IP/IT Security

At Piramal, we understand the responsibility to protect the IP of clients. Our IP security model is designed to protect IP during the project lifecycle and beyond. Key steps taken in this regard are:

  • CDA signed with all employees (if required CDA’s can be executed directly between clients and project teams at PDS)
  • Upfront patent assignment on MSA’s
  • Mandatory Checks to ensure adherence to IP Process

Starting Materials & Supply Chain

Prompt delivery of starting materials is crucial to a fast start of a project and the key to our high speed delivery. We have a dedicated procurement team that works with qualified suppliers, both locally and internationally, to ensure faster procurement timelines. It also works to our advantage that our Discovery Services site is located in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which enables faster custom clearance of our materials.