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Drug Discovery Chemistry


Synthetic Chemistry

Piramal Discovery Solutions (PDS) is a reputed service provider for mg to gm scale discovery chemistry. We have partnered with a range of well known pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from Europe, USA and Japan.

The specialised team at PDS has a broad array of experience in preparing small molecule NCEs with the requisite high quality specifications. It is proficient in utilising perse methodologies, including the synthesis of singles, multi-step, small arrays as well as focused libraries. Our scientific team is also experienced in the design of focused libraries for use in hit-to-lead and lead optimisation projects.

The delivery of all our compounds is accompanied with complete characterisation data including, but not limited to, high-field NMR, mass and purity by LC-MS/HPLC/GC. We have also recently installed Supercritical Fluid Chromatography to aid in chiral separation and generate higher throughput. Access to databases such as SciFinder and Reaxys provides the team with all the necessary up to date information to modify and develop new synthetic routes.

Pharma Services Offered

Small Scale synthesis of small molecules to support Hit to Lead / Lead Optimization projects

  • Synthesis of discrete compounds/focused series, building blocks, common intermediates
  • Scale-up of intermediates and final compounds (up to multiple hundred grams)
  • Synthesis or reference standards/impurities

Chemistry Capabilities

  • Chiral chemistry
  • Aliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic chemistry
  • Carbohydrate chemistry
  • Peptide chemistry
  • Steroid chemistry
  • Nucleoside chemistry
  • Natural product chemistry
  • Microwave Chemistry