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At Piramal | Life Sciences, we continuously strive for betterment and advancement and are in constant pursuit for novel and innovative medical solutions.

We have over 295 issued patents plus 808 pending patent applications, spread across various categories such as compositions of matter, methods of treatments, biomarkers, diagnostics, pharmaceutical compositions and drug delivery systems.

Molecular Imaging

Providing innovative diagnostic imaging agents, the division of Imaging aims at serving patients better through the use of innovative technology. A product portfolio of innovative molecular imaging probes that address major clinical needs in oncology (inter alia prostate cancer), neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases is a testimony to our intensive research and development.

Our lead compound is [18F] florbetaben – an 18F-labeled tracer for use in positron emission tomography (PET). Florbetaben specifically binds to beta-amyloid deposits in the brain, a key pathological hallmark in Alzheimer's disease. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have recently approved Neuraceq™ (Florbetaben F18 injection) for PET Imaging of Beta-Amyloid Neuritic Plaques in the Brain.

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NCE Research

Our New Chemical Entity (NCE) Research Division focuses on the development of innovative small molecule medicines to improve the lives of patients suffering from Cancer and Metabolic Disorders. Our clinical pipeline includes P1446 and P7170 for oncology and P7435 and P11187 for metabolic disorders. We are actively seeking licensing partners for our NCE programs.


Through strategic investments in Canadian innovations, we have constantly increased our focus on bio-orthopaedics since 2005. We have always aimed at developing smart Orthopaedic solutions through the use of advanced biotechnology.

One of our key products, BST-CarGel® is a unique and modern biopolymer technology for enhancing the process of cartilage regeneration. In 2012, BST-CarGel® received European Regulatory (i.e. European CE mark) approval, enabling its commercialization in all the European Union countries. BST-CarGel® offers orthopaedic surgeons a minimally invasive first line option therapy to restore cartilage tissue.

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This is a division of the Life Sciences vertical of Piramal Enterprises that focuses on the research and commercialization of natural products and herbal medicines in global markets.

We use modern life science research methods to gain a deeper understanding of how nature helps in healing. As part of our research process, we use patented technology, clinical studies, and bio-standardizations so that we can show that our medicines are safe and effective. Our products work in a gentle manner without the side-effects of chemicals. We offer a wide range of products in the areas of skincare and metabolic disorders.

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