Hybrid Growth Fund

Introducing the Hybrid Growth Fund, Piramal Alternatives presents a unique investment vehicle tailored to capture companies’ entire lifecycle. This innovative fund offers comprehensive capital solutions with a differentiated approach, featuring flexible debt-equity structuring for diverse needs such as growth capital, acquisitions, realignment, and liquidity solutions. With an optimal risk-adjusted return and a win-win proposition for stakeholders, the Hybrid Fund empowers companies to navigate growth trajectory stages effectively.

The Hybrid Fund’s unique investment strategy combines equity and high-yield solutions to tackle an uncertain economic environment. Its sector-agnostic approach focuses on key drivers of India’s growth narrative, including consumer markets, healthcare, financial services, IT services, and niche manufacturing. Leveraging profound industry expertise, Piramal Alternatives provides strategic guidance and support beyond capital infusion, offering companies a competitive edge and enabling sustainable growth.

As the Hybrid Growth Fund opens its doors to Limited Partners, it anticipates strong interest from investors seeking exposure to India’s vibrant market. This game-changing investment vehicle strengthens India’s investment ecosystem, fostering transformative growth opportunities and contributing to the nation’s economic advancement. With its pioneering approach and deep industry insights, Piramal Alternatives solidifies its position as a strategic partner, adding substantial value and mitigating risks for companies in their growth journey.