Entrepreneurship and Innovation are our 2 key pillars as we aspire to become the most preferred flaconnage company in the world. At Piramal Glass, we constantly strive to bring these two values alive in every aspect of the customer and employee experience. Working with us means being able to take risks, going beyond the confines of one’s roles and looking for opportunities to innovate and experiment, while being able to work across different locations and functions. We consider every employee an entrepreneur and encourage those behaviors across – from a shop floor supervisor to the head of the business.

We also believe in inclusive business that helps us stay sustainable over dynamic business cycles. The work that we do for the society in which we operate, helps us build strong relationships with the community. We therefore constantly strive to extend the value of entrepreneurship into the community as well.

We invest in developing potential of all our employees because they are the true drivers of our growth and they help us fulfill people’s aspirations across the world.

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