Financial Services

  Business Description Loan Book / AUM

Retail Lending

Multi-product retail lending platform, ‘digital-at-the-core’ DHFL acquisition significantly increased the size and scale of the retail lending business

` 21,552 Crores1

Wholesale Lending

Loans to residential & commercial real estate developers, as well as, corporates in select sectors

` 43,633 Crores

Alternative AUM

Fund management business; partnerships with marquee investors such as CDPQ and Bain Capital Credit

~$ 1 Bn

(Funds committed)

Life Insurance

JV with Prudential International Insurance Holdings; industry leader in the Defense segment

` 1,099 Crores

(FY 2022 Gross written premium)

Investments in Shriram

20% stake in SCL2
~10% stake in SCUF2

` 5,095 Crores3

(1) In addition, acquired ` 18,747 Crores of fee-earning, securitised assets (off-balance sheet) with DHFL, now managed by PEL
(2) SCL: Shriram Capital Limited and SCUF: Shriram City Union Finance
(3) Investments in SCUF based on market value; SCL based on book value, including accumulated profits


  Business Description FY 2022 Revenue

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO)

API and formulation manufacturing with a presence across the drug lifecycle, including research, development, clinical, and commercial manufacture.

` 3,960 Crores

Complex Hospital Generics

Portfolio of inhalation anaesthesia, injectable anaesthesia and pain management, injectable intrathecal treatment, and other injectables products sold across the globe.

` 2,002 Crores

India Consumer Healthcare

India Consumer healthcare business in India with a portfolio of multiple brands in attractive segments and a nationwide sales & marketing infrastructure

` 741 Crores

JV with Allergan (49% stake)

A market leader in the fastgrowing ophthalmology category in India, offering medications for diseases like glaucoma, dry eye, infections, and inflammations.

` 414 Crores