Values and Purpose
All our sustainability initiatives originate from and are driven by our corporate purpose of ‘Doing Well and Doing Good’. This purpose is embodied in our constant endeavour to make a positive difference by serving people and living our values. We stay true to our purpose by following three basic tenets:

Serving people

Making a positive difference

Living our values


Conservation of resources

PEL’s continuous endeavour to conserve natural and man-made resources fuels the positive initiatives towards doing more, doing better by consuming less.

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Water Stewardship

The Company’s focus lies on efficient use of water and responsible management of effluents to minimise the negative impact on water resources.

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Waste management

With focus on recycling wherever possible and safe and secure disposal in remaining cases, the emphasis is on continuous conservation of the environment.

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Energy conservation & climate security

To achieve long-term sustainability, concerted efforts are made to conserve energy, assess viable energy efficient projects and take initiatives to help environmental stability.

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Air Quality

The Company practices responsible management of air emissions of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulphur oxides (Sox), Particulate Matter (PM), and Volatile organic Compounds (VoCs) to maintain ambient air quality.

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Health, safety and employee well- being

PEL is committed to protecting its employees from work-related hazards and promoting their well-being.

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Human Capital Management

PEL believes that human resources are critical to the Company’s ability to drive growth, efficiency and productivity. PEL continues to attract and retain the best talent due to its value-driven high-performance culture and its brand reputation.

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Community Development

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) entities develop innovative approaches and solutions to resolve issues that are critical roadblocks to unlocking India’s economic potential and delivering a sustainable impact.

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Corporate governance

PEL’s Board of Directors views corporate governance in a comprehensive manner with its main objective being creation and adaptation of a corporate culture of integrity and consciousness.

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Enterprise risk management

An independent and dedicated Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system is in place to identify, manage and mitigate business risks. Risk management, internal controls and assurance processes are aligned to the Company’s goals and integrated throughout all significant activities.

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Business Resilience (Responsible Procurement and Supply Chain)

PEL focuses on building a resilient business through responsible sourcing, IT security, innovation and R&D

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PEL is committed towards ethical and transparent business practices. Its values act as guiding principles to steer the path in forming the right partnerships in creating sustainable, long-term stakeholder value. The Company’s Code of Conduct for Board Members, Code of Conduct for Senior Management and the Code of Conduct applicable to all employees of the Company are testaments to its efforts in ensuring that ethical conduct is not compromised. The Company has also laid down a Business Code for Contractors (BCC) covering vendors and sub-vendors with whom it engages, to ensure that they also adhere to its high ethical standards.