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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Eligible Shareholders who desire to tender their Equity Shares in the electronic form under the Buyback would have to do so through their respective Selling Member (“Broker”) by indicating to their Broker the details of Equity Shares they intend to tender under the Buyback.
  2. The lien shall be marked by the Broker in the demat account of the Shareholders for the shares tendered in tender offer.
  3. The Eligible Shareholders will have to ensure that they keep the DP account active and unblocked to receive credit in case of return of Equity Shares due to rejection or due to prorated Buyback decided by the Company. Further, Eligible Shareholders will have to ensure that they keep the saving account attached with the DP account active and updated to receive credit remittance due to acceptance of Buyback of shares by the Company.
    For more details, please refer procedure as laid out in Paragraph 20.22 of the PEL – Buyback Letter of Offer.
  1. Eligible Shareholders who are holding physical Equity Shares and intend to participate in the Buyback will be required to approach their respective Stock Brokers along with the complete set of documents for verification procedures to be carried out as follows:
    1. original share certificate(s);
    2. valid share transfer form(s) (i.e., form SH-4) duly filled and signed by the transferors (i.e. by all registered Eligible Shareholders in same order and as per the specimen signatures registered with the Company) and duly witnessed at the appropriate place authorizing the transfer in favour of the Company;
    3. self-attested copy of the Eligible Shareholder’s PAN Card;
    4. any other relevant documents such as power of attorney, corporate authorization (including board resolution/ specimen signature), notarized copy of death certificate and succession certificate or probated will, if the original shareholder has deceased, etc., as applicable.
    5. In addition, if the address of an Eligible Shareholder has undergone a change from the address registered in the Register of Members of the Company, such Eligible Shareholder would be required to submit a self-attested copy of address proof consisting of any one of the following documents: valid Aadhaar Card, Voter Identity Card or Passport.
  2. Based on the documents mentioned above, the concerned Stock Broker shall place the bid on behalf of the Eligible Shareholder holding Equity Shares in physical form who wishes to tender Equity Shares in the Buyback using the acquisition window of the Stock Exchanges. Upon placing the bid, the Stock Broker shall provide a TRS generated by the Stock Exchanges’ bidding system to the Eligible Shareholder. The TRS will contain the details of the order submitted like Folio No., Certificate No., Distinctive No., No. of Equity Shares tendered, etc.
  3. The Stock Broker has to deliver the original share certificate(s) and documents (as mentioned above) along with TRS either by registered post or courier or hand delivery to the Registrar within 2 days of closure of the Tendering Period. The envelope should be super scribed as “PEL Buyback Offer 2023”. One copy of the TRS will be retained by Registrar and it will provide acknowledgement of the same to the Stock Broker/ Eligible Shareholder.
  4. In case any Eligible Shareholder has submitted Equity Shares in physical form for dematerialization, such Equity Shareholders should ensure that the process of getting the Equity Shares dematerialized is completed well in time so that they can participate in the Buyback before Buyback Closing Date.
    For more details please refer procedure as laid out in Paragraph 20.23 of the PEL – Buyback Letter of Offer.

The Eligible Shareholders can visit to get duly overprinted tender form containing their entitlements.

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