Finanacial Services

PEL’s Financial Services segment offers a comprehensive suite of financial products to meet the diverse and evolving needs of its customers. The Company has created its unique positioning in the financial services space through its strong presence in the following sub-segments:

Business Description Loan Book / AUM Offerings

Real Estate (RE) Wholesale Lending

End–to–end real estate financing model

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`40,160 Crores

Mezzanine Lending

Construction Finance—Residential

Construction Finance—Commercial

Lease Rental Discounting

Corporate Finance Group (CFG)

Sector agnostic corporate lending book (non – Real Estate)

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`9,889 Crores

Senior Lending

Promoter Funding

Loan Against Shares

Mezzanine & Structured Lending

Project Finance

Acquisition Funding

Capex Funding

Working Capital Term loan

Emerging Corporate Lending (ECL)

Lending to emerging and mid-market companies

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`1,387 Crores

Senior Debt

Loan Against Property

Lease Rental Discounting

Structured Debt

Loan Against Shares

Project Finance

Loan against receivables

Acquisition financing

Housing Finance Company (HFC)

Retail lending

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`5,188 Crores

Retail Housing Loans

Loan Against Property

Small Construction Finance

Affordable housing

Investments in Shriram

Leading player in used

Commercial Vehicle and MSME Financing

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`7,253 Crores

Book value of investments

10% in Shriram Transport Finance Company

20% in Shriram Capital Limited

10% in Shriram City Union Finance


Debt and/or equity in assets across sectors (other than real estate) to drive restructuring with active participation in turnaround

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`744 Crores


JV with Bain Capital Credit

Initial contribution of $100 Mn each by PEL and Bain Capital Credit

Alternative AUM

The platform manages alternate AUM under several categories

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`9,269 Crores


Alternate Funds

Third party mandate

Managed account

Strategic partnerships: APG, CPPIB, CDPQ


  • Loan Book Growth of 34% y-o-y
  • Healthy Asset Quality with GNPA Ratio of <1%
  • Delivered robust ROE1 of 19% for FY2019
  • Relationship with 147 developers across 400+ projects pan-India
  • Diversification of the loan book – wholesale RE loans (excl. LRD and Hospitality) contribute ~63% of overall loans vs. ~83% as on March 31, 2015
  • Significant scaling-up of the housing finance business – loan book grew to `5,188 Crores as on March 31, 2019 from `1,210 Crores a year ago
  • Housing finance presence in 15 cities through 16 branches
  • Partnered with 740+ Direct Sales Agents and 1,850+ Connectors on the housing finance platform
  • 28 Corporate borrower groups on our Corporate Finance Group (CFG) platform

`7,063 Crores


Loan Book
(` Crore)

Note: 1. On cash-tax basis and other synergies from merger

Consistently diversifying the loan book to reduce the risk profile (%)

Rapidly Growing Income from Financial Services
(` Crore)