Stringent USFDA

How was the Pharma sector impacted?

The regulators have become increasingly more active

  • The USFDA set up a local office in India in 20081
  • Between 2010 and 2015, the number of USFDA inspections of Indian companies more than doubled to 270 from 1082
  • Several surprise inspections are conducted at Indian drug units
  • In 2018, India had 174 inspections by USFDA or 14% of the total inspection conducted by the US drug regulator around the globe3

Pharma players faced significant performance issues due to lapses surfacing during inspections

  • Over the past few years, almost all leading Indian pharma players have faced USFDA issues
  • Seven of the top ten Indian pharma companies have been issued import alerts or warning letters by the USFDA3.
  • Even the leading and well-established players have been grappling with concerns including those related to data integrity lapses. 17% of the 483 observations in 2018 were due to critical data integrity issues1.


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How did PEL perform?

PEL’s strategic choices and consistent execution enabled it to emerge stronger despite challenging circumstances

  • The Company focussed on building a quality-driven culture
  • It maintained a strong focus on robust regulatory compliance, stringent quality control, and providing reliable services to its clientele
  • Put in place a strong quality governance model, with the quality function reporting to a Board Member
  • The Company embraced world class practices and stayed away from cutting corners

Hence, PEL maintained an exceptional track record despite increasingly stringent regulatory regime

  • PEL has successfully maintained a strong track record of inspections
  • Cleared 33 US FDA inspections, 143 other regulatory inspection and 989 customer audits in last 8 years

Strong track record of successful inspections

Financial Year USFDA Inspections Total regulatory
inspections (including
Customer audits
2012 5 13 60
2013 2 10 71
2014 4 14 116
2015 7 17 115
2016 5 26 140
2017 5 25 157
2018 3 27 167
2019 2 44 163
Total 33 176 989