Piramal Enterprises
At A Glance

Piramal Enterprises Limited (PEL) is one of India’s large diversified companies, with a presence in Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Insights & Analytics. PEL’s consolidated revenues were $1.9 Billion in FY2019, with 40% of revenues generated from outside India.

In Financial Services, Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Limited (PCHFL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Piramal Enterprises Limited (the flagship company of Piramal Group), is registered as a housing finance company with the National Housing Bank (NHB) and is engaged in various financial services businesses. It provides wholesale financing to real estate developers and corporate clients, and retail housing loans to individual customers. In real estate, the platform provides financing solutions across the entire capital stack such as structured debt, construction finance, flexi lease rental discounting etc. to developers and housing finance to home buyers. The wholesale business in non-real estate sectors includes separate verticals – Corporate Finance (CFG) and Emerging Corporate Lending (ECL). CFG provides customised funding solutions to companies across sectors such as infrastructure, renewable energy, roads, industrials, auto components etc. while ECL focuses on lending towards Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

PCHFL’s group companies maintain strategic partnerships with leading global pension funds such as CPPIB, APG and Ivanhoe Cambridge.

The division has also launched a distressed asset investing platform with Bain Capital Credit - India - RF that will invest in equity and / or debt in assets across sectors (other than real estate) to drive restructuring with active participation in turnaround. PEL also has long term equity investments worth ~$1 Billion in Shriram Group, a leading financial conglomerate in India.

In Pharma, through an end-to-end manufacturing capabilities across 13 global facilities and a large global distribution network to over 100 countries, PEL sells a portfolio of niche differentiated pharma products and provides an entire pool of integrated pharma services including in the areas of injectable, HPAPIs (High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), ADCs (Antibody Drug Conjugates) etc. The Company is also focusing on growing the Consumer Products segment in India.

PEL’s Healthcare Insights & Analytics business is the premier provider of healthcare analytics, data & insight products and services to the world’s leading pharma, biotech and medical technology companies and enables them to take informed business decisions.




Presence in


locations in 18 countries

24 %

Revenue CAGR for 31 years

29 %

Net Profit CAGR for 31 years

29 %

Dividend Payout Ratio1

28 %

Annualised shareholder
returns over the last 31 years

`50,810 Crores

Market Capitalisation as on March 31, 2019

Notes: 1. Recommended by the Board



We strive for a deeper
understanding of our domain.



We aspire to do things


We are empowered to act
decisively and create value.



We are consistent in our
thought, speech and action.


We protect and enhance the interests of our customers, community, employees, partners and shareholders.



We aspire to be the best, yet strive to be humble.


We strive to achieve market leadership in scale and profitability, wherever we compete.



We aspire to build businesses
that anticipate, adapt and
endure for generations.

At Piramal Group, our core values of Knowledge, Action, Care and Impact are integral to our guiding philosophy. These values represent our deeply held beliefs and define us at the individual as well as the organisational levels. We encourage a deep understanding of these core values and believe in institutionalising them across the organisation to build a distinctive Piramal culture.

We stay true to our purpose of ‘Doing Well and Doing Good’ by following three basic tenets

Serving People

We aim to serve our customers, community, employees, partners and all other stakeholders by putting their needs and well-being first.

Making a Positive Difference

We aim to make a positive difference through our products, services, customer-centric approach and innovation-led research.

Living Our Values

We live by our values in our everyday actions, decisions and conduct, at a personal as well as a professional level.


Financial Services
FY2019 Revenue contribution 54%

Wholesale Lending

  • Loan Book of `51,436 Cr (~$7.4bn)3
  • ROE of 19%2; GNPA ratio of 0.9%

Housing Finance

  • Loan Book Size: `5,188 Cr (~$0.75 bn)
  • Launched HFC in Sep 2017 and expanded presence to Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR, etc.

Alternative Asset Management

  • AUM of `10,013 Cr (~$1.4bn)
  • Marquee partners: CDPQ, APG, Bain, CPPIB

Diversified Retail Exposure via Shriram

  • 20% stake in SCL, 10% stake in both STFC and SCUF4
  • Strong position in CVs, SME, Insurance

2019 Capital Employed1 60%

FY2019 Revenue contribution 36%

Global Pharma

  • Strong portfolio of differentiated branded generic products
  • Distribution to 100+ countries
  • Integrated solutions across APIs, formulations and delivery systems
  • 13 sites (9 USFDA inspected) across US, UK and India

India Consumer Products

  • Among the leading Indian OTC players
  • Pan-India distribution network

2019 Capital Employed1 23%

Healthcare Insights and Analytics
FY2019 Revenue contribution 10%

Decision Resources Group (DRG)

  • Serving a large number of healthcare companies
  • Leveraging proprietary data
  • Offers information and analytical insights
  • Over 400 employees operating out of India offices at Gurugram and Bengaluru
  • Recurring revenue model and high client retention

2019 Capital Employed1 17%


  1. As per books. Excludes unallocated portion of capital employed to various business segments;
  2. ROE for current reported period FY2019 is considering Cash Tax and other synergies from merger;
  3. Average exchange rate for period is 69.9/USD and Closing exchange rate is 69.3/USD
  4. SCL: Shriram Capital Limited; STFC: Shriram Transport Finance; and SCUF: Shriram City Union Finance