Healthcare Insights & Analytics

PEL’s Healthcare Insights & Analytics business has evolved from being a provider of syndicated market research reports into a diversified data, and analytics business, offering best-in-class, high-value healthcare analytics, data and insights products and services to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology companies, enabling them to make informed business decisions.

PEL’s Healthcare Insights & Analytics business has expanded to meet the growing needs among life sciences companies. The business helps clients better assess market opportunities, quantify the value of their products, target niche patients and medical specialist segments, and identify unmet customer needs. It has a global team of industry experts and data scientists, including world-class epidemiologists, engineers, industry-leading healthcare market forecasters and predictive modelers, among others.


PEL provides business information services in the life sciences, healthcare provider and payer industries, competing in an addressable market in excess of $16 Billion across various solution areas, which is expected to reach $24.7 Billion by 2021. Healthcare businesses increasingly need up-to-date and easily-accessible solutions leveraging complex data sets and advanced analytics and therefore, there is increased demand for high-quality analytics and decision support tools and services.

CEO, Healthcare Insights & Analytics

“PEL continues to provide its customers with access to industry-leading research, expertise and insights. Positioned at the intersection of health and information, our Healthcare Insights & Analytics business has a truly unique value proposition. Our best-in-class products and services, paired with our commitment to client satisfaction, have established PEL as a leading provider of trusted, accurate real-world data and analytics, with a proven ability to positively impact client decision-making as they look to increase customer engagement, effectiveness and ROI. Going forward, we remain committed to leverage the India advantage for enhancing margins by growing our Bengaluru and Gurugram offices. A globally recognised brand with the most diverse proprietary assets in the industry, PEL’s Healthcare Insights & Analytics business is well positioned to capitalise on opportunities, both domestically and internationally, across all of our offerings.”



India Advantage

  • Over 400 employees operating out of offices in Gurugram and Bengaluru, in India
  • India-based teams across marketing, technology, digital and research operations
  • Leveraging Piramal’s brand recognition in India in the recruitment of critical talent
  • India presence has helped PEL build 24/7 capabilities


Notable Statistics

PEL has several milestones to its credit, which are highly valued by its clients:

  • 26 Billion+ medical and pharmacy claims and Electronic Health records (EHRs)
  • 100% coverage of insured lives of the US population
  • 50,000+ hospitals and health systems providers networked
  • 5,400+ patient segments covered globally by epidemiologists
  • 1,000+ custom consulting engagements to date


Long-Term Revenue Visibility

  • PEL’s clients comprise nearly all leading life sciences companies, including:
  • 48 of the top 50 life sciences companies
  • 18 of the top 20 medical device companies
  • 8 of the top 10 US payers and top US health systems
  • PEL’s business is well de-risked, as evidenced in the following facts:
  • Top 10 relationships comprise <30% of revenue
  • >10-year relationships with top 10 customers
  • 96% client retention by value
  • 70% of total revenue highly recurring in nature


Comprehensive Product Suite

  • Comprehensive suite of end-to-end expertise, including bespoke solutions services
  • Offerings include Data and Analytics, Research Products and Global Consulting Services
  • Significant investments in cross-functional data and analytics talent
  • Shift in the delivery mode to digitally delivered modular content


PEL Analytics Helping in Successful Product Launches


PEL’s Healthcare Insights & Analytics business is undergoing a transformation and aims to drive revenue growth through technology-based offerings and delivering end-to-end solutions that directly address high-value client problems. This best-in-class client support earned PEL the 2018 Best Partner Award in Market Access and Reimbursement – TGAS Vendor Insights.

During the year, PEL undertook several steps to strengthen its offerings:

  • A noteworthy key launch was Healthbase, a platform that provides customers with both granular data and the 'big picture' analyst view on integrated delivery networks
  • The Company launched a learning division, which connects expert insights, proprietary data, and analytics with experienced learning architects, instructional designers and educational technologists
  • Additionally, PEL expanded the Global Market Access Solution (GMAS) platform to include the first and only available Managed Entry Agreement (MEA) database in the industry
  • The Company doubled the size of data repository (healthcare claims, outcomes, formulary and insurance coverage) to 100 Terabytes
  • PEL has partnered with EUnetHTA and other Health Technology Assessment (HTA) support projects to ensure seamless client submissions


In FY2019, PEL undertook a broad cost-reduction initiative to streamline operating processes, flatten organisational structure, and prioritise resources and investments on increasing client engagement, improving client satisfaction and driving innovation.

For FY2019, revenue from Healthcare Insights & Analytics business stood at `1,332 Crores, up 10% y-o-y from `1,209 Crores in FY2018. Revenue growth was primarily driven by strong growth in Life Sciences Data & Analytics and Consulting Services.


Over the past few years, PEL’s Healthcare Insights & Analytics business has undergone a transformation from a syndicated market research company into a data- and technology-enabled insights firm. This transformation has helped accelerate business growth and expand product and services offerings in response to client needs. As the Company continues on this path, it is focusing on the strategic priorities defined below.

Strategic Priorities

Focus Areas

Using cutting-edge technology and analytics to transform data into critical insights

A unified commercial team offering one of the most diverse proprietary, integrated data sets in the industry

Expanding into new markets to capture significant market opportunities

Creation of syndicated products, based on bespoke analytics and consulting services and best-in-class oncology offering

Leveraging India presence, technology and global procurement to improve EBITDA margins

Ongoing expansion of the business’s Bengaluru and Gurugram offices and a focus on 'Build Once, Sell Many' products to enable margin improvement

Integrating solutions from best-in-class businesses to provide unparalleled client value

Combining data assets in the process of development and enhancement of products

De-risking business profile to deliver strong revenue visibility and quality earnings

Strong relationships with customers resulting in high client retention